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Popular Favorites

North Carolina Scallops

North Carolina Scallops

These NC Scallops have been individually quick frozen (IQF) to lock in flavor.
Available in 5 lb bags. 

North Carolina Shrimp.png

Local Shrimp

Shrimp harvested in Virginia or North Carolina waters, and individually quick frozen. (IQF)
Available in 5 lb bags


Local Flounder

Mild tasting with a sweet undertone and sourced locally. Versatile for grill, bake, or fry.
10 lb cases fresh & frozen

10 lb box Snow Crab Legs

Snow Crab Legs

Available for easy curbside pick-up
in 10 lb or 40 lbs cases.
Always a crowd favorite.


Blue Catfish

Locally sourced fish, not the typical catfish, with a flavor similar to striped bass.
10 lb cases fresh & frozen



Always a healthy choice and great for meal prep.

*Fresh fish is subject to availability.  Please check out Facebook page for updates. 

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